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Dri Sommer is a Brazilian born-and-raised  director focused on music videos and commercials. Currently based in Los Angeles, her  background spans across traditional cinema and virtual reality.

She kicked off her career as a Cinematographer at Within, an Immersive Experience Studio. In 2020, Dri pivoted towards directing by founding a directing duo called SVN QNS. With over 8 years of on-set experience, her vibrant aesthetic focuses on movement-based images and captivating performances.

Regardless of the format, Dri's goal is to uplift the voices of her community, push visual boundaries  and create at the intersection of narrative and commercial content.


A director by day, salsa dancer by night, Dri spends most of her free time exploring the exhilarating world of Latin dancing Los Angeles. 

Her music video work has played at the Dances with Films Film Festival, featured on Billboard, HollywoodLife, I'm Music Magazine, Celeb Mix, Entertainment Rocks and Flaunt Magazine.

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