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Dri Sommer is a Brazilian born-and-raised  director focused on music videos, and commercials. Currently based in Los Angeles, her diverse background spans across traditional cinema, virtual reality and theater.

With over 6 years of on-set experience, Dri jumped into virtual reality at Here Be Dragons (formerly, an Immersive Experience Studio. As a Dragon, she shot documentaries in Berlin, Boston, Salt Lake City and Seattle at institutions including LIGO, Boston Dynamics, MIT and the Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week. 

My goal is to always follow the breadcrumbs of our curiosities and metabolize human experiences into art. Regardless of the format; narrative, musical, commercial, and everything in between, we’re aiming to uplift the voices of our community and leave our audiences with a fresh perspective. Let’s collaborate! 

My music video work has been featured at Dances with Films, on Billboard, HollywoodLife, I'm Music Magazine, Celeb Mix, Entertainment Rocks and Flaunt Magazine.

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