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a dual-perspective experience

A chance encounter between two lonely strangers sparks an unusual romance they will never forget .

Audience members, sitting side-by-side, visually experience a different character's perspective while hearing the same sound. One night. Two stories. 


This was possible due to our partnership with INFITEC ® - Interference Filter Technology. Together, we innovated existing technology and created a dual-viewing method. The RED & BLUE glasses utilize filters with different spectral transmission while two projectors are equipped with corresponding filters. Though the spectral light transmission of each filters is different, everyone should be able to see a full-color image. While each group only perceives certain parts of the red, green, and blue range of the visible light spectrum, the color impression will be the same due to a visual effect called metamerism. 

SHADES premiered at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in 2017. To accompany the experience's premiere, we curated a Perception-Themed Art Gallery showcasing local talent while nurturing Winston-Salem's artistic community. The  event hosted more than 500 people from the entire state of North Carolina.

SHADES explores how people experience reality differently. No matter how hard we try, we can never truly know what someone else is thinking or feeling. As storytellers, we created SHADES because people rely on perspective to understand the world.

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